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Project Name

Postdoc in Electrophysiology of Fungal Networks


The Kiers group (Evolutionary Biology, VU University) and Merlin Sheldrake (author of Entangled Life), together with the Shimizu group (Systems Biophysics, AMOLF) in Amsterdam, NL are accepting applications for a post-doctoral researcher with exceptional skills in electrophysiology and biophysics. Applicants should be proficient in programming and data analysis, and ideally be familiar with network and complexity theory. Experience with fungi is not required. Selection of applicants starts in March 2022.

Cross-discipline collaboration

We offer a unique opportunity for a post-doctoral researcher to contribute to cutting-edge research into the behaviour of fungal networks by working at the intersection of microbiology, evolutionary biology, and biophysics. The successful candidate will work with Toby Kiers, Merlin Sheldrake, Vasilis Kokkoris, Pilar Junier and Tom Shimizu to investigate the role of bioelectrical signaling in the development and behaviour of fungal networks, and will be supported by technical staff to propagate and maintain fungal cultures. The project is further supported by the Hefner Foundation and the non-profit SPUN, aimed at accelerating fungal innovation and conservation.

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Project Name

PhD in Fungal Biology and Microscopy


Are you looking for a PhD position at the intersection between microbiology, fluorescence microscopy and technology development? Do you enjoy developing new methods and performing quantitative biology and data analysis? The Tutucci group (ALife & AIMMS, VU Amsterdam), together with the Kokkoris group (A-Life, VU Amsterdam) in Amsterdam, NL are accepting applications for a 4 years fully-funded PhD position. Please apply at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Selection of applicants starts in March 2022.

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Master's students

Master's students are welcome to join our team for 6 - 9 month long internships focusing on mycorrhizal symbiosis, fungal physiology and fungal genetics. 

PhD and Post-doc

If you are interested in joining the team as a PhD student or a Post-doc, please inquire about potential fellowship opportunities.


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